Forensic Engineering

Building Investigations

The professionals at Shields Engineering Group, Inc. are well versed in the areas of Building Design and Construction, Storm Tracking Data, and the Assessment of Storm-Related Damage and Failures. SEG conducts Hail and Wind Damage, Water Intrusion, and Wear and Tear Assessments Reports for buildings and roofing systems throughout the country. Our Clients include Property Management Firms, Public Adjusters, Attorneys, REITs, Commercial Property Investors, Homeowner Associations (HOAs), and Residential Homeowners.  Our team uses Aerial Drones to photograph and document the damages.  We are 14 CFR Part 107 FAA certified.

Roof Infrared Surveys & Analysis for Moisture/Leaks

Thermal imaging is a diagnostic tool which uses infrared analysis to assist in the detection of moisture in roofing membranes. Our Investigations can save costs by effectively targeting problem areas for repairs and identifying sound roof sections. Our Infrared Roof Scans and Surveys are all performed following current ASTM guidelines for locating wet roof insulation.  We utilize state-of-the-art Drones with FLIR Infrared Cameras.

Foundation and Wall Failures

SEG is experienced at evaluating and providing sound recommendations for foundation failures in residential, commercial, and industrial structures.

Building Condition Surveys

SEG has a team of experienced professionals that perform building condition surveys to assess the condition of a building. In particular, a building condition survey will examine the structure, fit & finish, safety compliance, utilities, ADA compliance, as well as an overall view of the building.